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With passion and an unconditional love for capturing the moment, photography is the only profession that can stop time, turn a split second into infinity.

Weddings and couple portraits are my favourite scenes to capture. To photograph all these emotions shining through your eyes, your laughs,… To share them with you so you can remember and experience that joy again, every time you look at your photographs, is the most beautiful part of my job!

Photography is an ode to freedom, it sparks creativity and allows you to explore your surroundings. At home, in a garden, the forest or the beach, a photoshoot can be classical but it can also allow you to think outside the box… A spontaneous stop at a fast-food joint along the way will add a fun shoot in between the more traditional moments in commune and receptions. I love to adapt myself to any given situation, grab the opportunity to capture unique moments and transform them into unforgettable memories.

These are your moments. The photographs will reflect your love and your personalities. This is what I bring to life through my images. Photography is more than a static image. It holds safe and close our dearest memories, so we can look upon them and resonate with them as we grow older, and share those moments with the future generations. Keeping our memories alive throughout our lives, photographs are a great treasure.




My vision of makeup is, first of all, to highlight natural beauty. Your skin and complexion will be flawless, your facial features beautified. Lights and shadows will structure the volumes of your face. Your eyes will pop, their colour enhanced by the shades of eye shadow. A makeup done right will enhance all the beauty that is already there.

For portraits sessions, during an artistic event or a wedding, the makeup will be unique to make sure fits every morphology but also the personality of every person trusting of my brushes. I work with great precision and take great care of the quality of my makeup, bringing out who you truly are or what you want to become. My passion and experience is for a professional result.


commercial photography / CONTENT creation

Nowadays, to be taken seriously, every communication campaign need photographs of quality. You do not improvise with photography, and hiring a professional with technical skills is a good move for companies who wish to develop a campaign on a deadline. Freelancers, artists, artisans,.. to do everything yourself is hard work and sometimes not possible. But your work deserves to be seen and enhanced. Good photos can make the difference and are important for the creation of your website or for your social media accounts. I can help you better your visual communication.



My photographic project

To visit a new city every month, camera in hand, two passions combined : photography and travel. I photograph the mood of a city and her different neighbourhoods, switching from portrait to documentary, street photography and graphism. A urban “reportage” in small cities and capitals. For a few days, I let myself go with the flow and the rhythm of those places to capture an authentic portrait. You can discover all my articles on the blog 1MOIS/1VILLE where I also give tips on places to see and places to stay if you wish to travel there.